Kemal Gekic Premieres "Guernica" Piano Concerto in Prague

Fredrick Kaufman's recently completed "Guernica" Piano Concerto was premiered in Prague by the noted Croatian born concert pianist, Kemal Gekic with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at the historic Smetana Concert Hall.

This 22 minute, three movement concerto takes it's name and mood from the 1937 Pablo Picasso anti war painting "Guernica" which gained monumental status as a grim testament of the tragedies and horrors of war.

Navona Records recorded The "Guernica" Piano Concerto with soloist, Kemal Gekic and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Marcello Rota. Also on the recording the much acclaimed "Kaddish", Cello Concerto as performed by soloist Mark Drobinsky with the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra as well as Seascape (see below). The recording was released July, 2013 and is distributed world wide by Naxos.

"Seascape" Recorded by the CSO

The Czech Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Richard Heim, recorded Fredrick Kaufman's Seascape in Prague in February, 2013. The work appears on a Novana Recording (NV5924) entitled Guernica Piano Concerto. It was released by Naxos in July 2013 to spectacular reviews (see the critics).


Kaufman's Film Music at Lincoln Center Tribute

Meditation for a Lonely Flute, a film directed by Donna Cameron with music conceived by Fredrick Kaufman while in service with the Israeli Army during the Yom Kipur War, was selected by MoMA to be shown at Lincoln Center on February 1st as part of a tribute to Shirley Clarke. Ms. Clark revolutionized the art of dance film. "This chromatic vision of the desert transcends the bloodshed, the cold and the heat of the moment and meditates on the magic of the surrounding desert's sounds and sands.... MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). Flute soloist: Adeline Tomasone


Documentary Film features Kaufman's Music

The 63 minute Czech documentary film Arnost Lustig...Nine Lives directed by Ivo Pavelek and released by Diamont Films, Prague, features approximately 20 minutes of Fredrick Kaufman's music. The film was released in 2013 on European television and world wide in film festivals beginning with the Miami Jewish Film Festival on January 30th, 2013.


Fredick Kaufman 's Music Now Available on I-Tunes, Amazon and Others.

Miami---Fredrick Kaufman's CD, The Many Faces of Fredrick Kaufman is a compilation of chamber works. Each work on the CD stresses Kaufman's eclectic and compositional nature from traditional to avant-garde to multi-cultural to jazz oriented to soul searching with ventures into his exploration of multi-culturalism and his love affair with strings stretching the boundaries in works like Wild Wind.

The reviews of Kaufman's recording,
The Many Faces of Fredrick Kaufman released January 2011 on iTunes have been spectacular. 'Fredrick Kaufman's music is of an astonishing power. The pieces featured in his latest album reveal Kaufman's all-embracing approach to composition and display mastery at a variety of genres and compositional techniques.' The album includes exquisite performances by world renowned artists such as flutist, Julius Baker, pianist Susan Starr, oboist Sarah Lambert Bloom, cellist Andres Diaz, and bass clarinetist Henri Bok, et al.

The Many Faces of Fredrick Kaufman includes such works as String Quartet #6, The Urban, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by internationally renowned composer Lukas Foss. New Yorker Magazine described The Urban performance at the Bargemusic Concert Series as 'Kaufman is back in town with one of his wildest and most exciting quartets'' Berkshire Living stated "..the concert climaxed with a surprising roar and ovation from the assembled crowd for a somewhat dissonant, atonal, but gorgeously colored string quartet, "
The Urban" like Gershwin before him, Kaufman is well versed in jazz and plenty of that powered the piece, as well as some rock-like energy, in a painting and colorful cacophony of sirens, car alarms, subway screeches, and blaring lights, all organized in musical fashion that built towards its sizzling viola cadenza climax.

ThunderGate Suite, from the musical production Kaminarimon, was described by The Miami Herald as ''amazingly innovative imagination, has bridged a gap between polar extremes of culture. Stunning.' Reviews from iTunes describes Inner Sanctum
as 'a piece that deserves to be rated as one of the 20th-century's best solo cello pieces.

Fredrick Kaufman is the composer of over one hundred and thirty published compositions that have been performed worldwide by major orchestras. Fredrick Kaufman's Holocaust compositions such as his award-winning Concerto for Cello and String Orchestra, Kaddish which Bernard Holland of the New York Times described as "having the most expressive writing for strings to be heard today," has been performed in the major concert halls of Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, South America, Asia and throughout the United States.
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Critics from the New York Times; the Newark Star-Ledger, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Miami Herald, the Jerusalem Post, the London Times, the Perpignan Independent, and other newspapers around the world have described Kaufman's music as "striking individual" an interesting combination of overwhelming pathos and infectious joy "brought one into the realm of musical genius riveting work, will stay with me forever."

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Tribute to Kaufman
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Catalan Concertante

Hanani Joins The Ranks
of Great Cellists to play Kaddish

The brilliant Israeli Cellist Yehuda Hanani will perform Maestro Kaufman's much heralded Concerto for Cello & Strings, "Kaddish" at the FIU Music Festival Grand Opening on Thursday, November 2nd at 8PM in the Wertheim Performing Arts Center on the FIU Campus.

Hanani's last performance of the work at Lincoln Center in 1986 brought Kaufman some of his greatest reviews and a Pulitzer Prize nomination. "Kaddish" was the runner up behind the winner of the Pulitzer that year, George Perle. Since then, the work had been performed over 70 times in Russia, Israel, France, England, Germany, The Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic & throughout the United States by some of the worlds greatest cello players.

"Both the Maestro & Hanani are delighted at the reunion and are looking forward to many more such performances in the near future."

String Quartet #6, "The Urban"

Kaufman newest String Quartet, "The Urban," takes audiences and critics by storm. Maetsro Kaufman's newest String Quartet, his 6th, written in the Summer of 2005 received its premiere performance at the FIU Music Festival in Miami, Florida in November.. It has since been performed at the Cincinnati Music Festival, the Barge Concert Series in New York City, the Chameleon Series in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as well as the New Music Festival in Miami, Florida.

"Kaufman was back in town with one of his wildest and most exciting quartets as exquisitely played by the Amernet String Quartet..."
- New Yorker Magazine

Plans call for additional performances and broadcasts of "The Urban" this year throughout the United States and Europe by the Amernet String Quartet. Kaufman has been so overwhelmed with audience response to the work and the number of curtain calls received, that he has written a short encore piece to accompany the work.

Fredrick Kaufman's "Urban Quart" proved to be a real of Kaufman's best pieces. Frantic, ultra virtuosic string writing captures the sights and sounds of a metropolis' urban pulse. Copland- style lyricism leads to a sizzling viola cadenza and jazzy finale inflicted with a hint of blue grass...reveled in the scores high-tech acrobatics and razzle-dazzle pageantry.
- The Miami Herald

Kaufman's "The Urban" represents the composer at his best...relished the jazzy cross rhythms of this New York inspired single movement work. The Quartet reaches a stunning peroration as it builds on an ostinato figure towards its final climax.
- Fort Lauderale Sun Sentinel

Kaminarimon II

Demand for performances of Maestro Kaufman's multicultural composition, Kaminiarimon, continue to pour in from all over the world with negotiations currently under way for performances in Mexico, Israel, South America & hawaii.

"...this work will stay with me forever. It is one of the most amazing mixes of multiculturalism I've ever encountered. It was a visual feast...the entire performance was a stunning and very effective mixture of a Zen-like "no-mind" with the Spanish "tragic sense of life". - The Southampton Press

“a work that effectively marries the art of Japanese taiko drumming with, of all things, flamenco dancing.”
- The Miami Herald

“…amazingly innovative imagination, has bridged a gap between polar extremes of culture. Stunning.”
- The Miami Herald

“a theatrical climax…this electric work explores contrasting counterpoints both aurally and visually as the drummers’ elemental pounSding collides with and echoes the dancer’s stamping-out foot rhythms.”
- Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

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